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Contratulations! You guessed the multiplication!

You are right. Correct numbers are:

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Hmm! You finished the game but hot found the numbers!

The correct numbers are:

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Could your friends could guess the multiplication?

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How to play

The quest of the game is to discover the multiplication operation.

We have in figure representation of following multiplications: A × B and B × A

The numbers do not begin with zero.

You must fill all missing digits represented by 'x' in the table above

To play you must click on a 'x' and enter the number you think it may be.

To revert a filled digit you have three options:

1) Press CTRL key and than click on the box with a digit
2) Click on the box with a digit and press Delete key
3) Click on the box with a digit and press Backspace key

The game ends when all 'x's are removed, with one of posibile statuses, you discovered the multiplication or not!

About the game

In the table above there are shown two variants of same multiplication, by reversing the order og the factors.

Khown that the two numbers are build with all digits from zero to nine used only once, your quest is to find multiplication operation.